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Our management structure

Our human capacity is a combination of our team talent and leadership. The management structure of CEfAD provides the basis of organizational human resource capacity planning and development. Our 4-member lean management team comprising the Executive Director, Quality Assurance Advisor, Programme Manager, Finance and Administration Manager drives the smooth functioning of the organization in accordance with the strategic plan. The management team provides technical direction in the day-to-day routines, through systems including implementation of policy and management procedures. The management of CEfAD is perfectly gender balanced, with a conscious aim to promote CEfAD’s value-based principle of inclusive and gender-sensitive programming. While providing support for a smooth day-to-day running of the organization, CEfAD management understands this involves supporting staff team processes necessary for making decision, solving problems and resolving conflict.

Sylvia Abulo (Ms.)

Executive Director

Leonard Macho (Mr.)

Programme Manager

Steven Acire (Mr.)

Finance and Administration Manager

Faith Eunice Oyella (Ms.)

Quality Assurance Advisor

Our board

The Board of Directors, as a key governance structure for CEfAD, is placed to drive strategic directions and provide top echelon leadership to CEfAD management. The Board is distinctively women dominated but generally gender balanced, comprising 4 females and 3 males, and making a total of 7 board members. Further key issue about the board is that 4(2 male and 2 female) of 7 board members are youth below the age 25. The structure of the board, in regard to gender and age, is a reflection of our value-based practice that supports inclusive and gender-sensitive policy and decisions at all levels of management. The board functions as an independent structure, and working separately from the day-to-day organizational management structure, hence supporting the oversight role and a strong sense of accountability.  It is this role of accountability and oversight that distinguishes our board’s function in a manner of organizational values and principles.