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Centre for Alternative Development (CEfAD) is a national NGO established to contribute to addressing perpetual conditions that undermine overcoming extreme poverty and inequality in Uganda.

With myriads development constraints – youth unemployment, a wide spread practice of corruption,
inefficient service delivery and social dilemmas with natural resource management, CEfAD is founded to play a role in addressing priority gaps in some of these social services with a focus on women and youth

Our Vision

A community free of social and economic injustices as and resilient to disasters.

Our Mission

To empower communities and actors to embrace the cause and transformation to justice, economic security and enhancement of sustainable peace and well being.

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Where We Work

We concentrate our work in Northern Uganda, a region that is recovering from over 2 decades of civil war involving the Lord’s Resistance Army. Currently, CEfAD works in Gulu, Amuru and Nwoya districts in Northern Uganda.

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Vulnerable children

What We Do



Climate Change

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